Jewelery Repair

Do you have any rings that are just too small, maybe broken some where your just don't like anymore. Bring them in to Castro Jewelers and let us help you wear your favorite pieces again.

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We Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

Stop by any time and let us help you with your bullion needs.

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Custom Designs

Do you have an idea that you haven't been able to find anywhere? Castro Jewelers is known for creating unique and beautiful creations completely from scratch. Come in or call to start creating your dream piece now.

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Welcome to Castro and Company Jewelers

“To me a gem is not a cold and lifeless object. It has a spirit of its own, which began deep within mother earth eons ago. Each is unique. Each was brought to the surface by nature’s forces, where a person toiling under the heat of the sun brought it forth from the ground. That ground is usually in the remotest of locations and under the harshest of conditions. With dirt and mud encrusted hands and a sweaty brow they held it up to the light of day for the first time to reveal it to the eyes of men. Later fashioned by the hands of an artisan it shows God’s handiwork to all who gaze upon it. It is our pleasure to share it with you.”


by Kevin Castro